Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This is a picture is of our friend Ryan, and he likes to party. There was a large keg with a large amount of people in the vostel and instead of posting a butt load of drunk picture 's I feel this shot tells a story for the entire weekend.

south swell

the past weekend of Ukee days, brought loads of tourist, weekend warriors, and perfect south swell of 9ft at 16 seconds. Unfortunately the day job took up my documenting time. With word of 60 plus ppl in the water it seems the seaweed and surfline predictions are getting the word out. Last night I went down for a mini sunset sesion at flo, Mark, and jackson were killing it with the small but punchy waves. Once golden hour was over, the south swell looks to be on its ways out.

Friday, July 24, 2009

lazy days

With very limited swell this last couple of weeks, we have had alot of lazy days of adventuring our surroundings. The Vostels newest arrival Mandella and her sister Annemeike are always up for a good time, and good times we have had. Here is a couple shots and you know there are more to come.

Lunch at Float House

With the arrival of the float house's new staff comes burgers and beer for lunch. Next time you are getting out of the surf with an empty stomach, make sure you go for a delicious lucky and a burger. By far the best combination possible.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

canada day

Been awhile since ive had access to post any shots, so there will be much more on the horizon. A couple weeks back I was heading to Tofino to shoot the Canada day skate comp a the tuff skate park. The night before I bumped into the entire old port skate crew which is now mostly the instumental skate crew, but we deffenitly had some great adventures around the toino area that night. The morning was filled with monsters and hangovers. The entire comp went perfect and conveinlitly ended with the canada day beer gardens to open. Trevor ended up taking the 500$ but was closely chased by Alex. check out some of the shots.