Saturday, August 29, 2009


Pulled up to North around 10:00 with Noah and Pete in the water. Unlike the day before, the waves were very cooperative. The weather was foggy and threatening to rain, but after a couple drizzles the rain cleared and the waves started to deliver. Noah was frothing with airs left and right. Peter and Noah both stomped clean 3's and killed it the entire day. The surf was followed by a tuff beans bagel and coffee. It was a very productive surf, check the shots.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Late wake up Thursday morning, met Rycam and Noah at Wick to check the waves. Sat and watched for 20 minutes while the swell was large but looked a little to burgery for our liking. Crammed the Van full of gear and head up to Tofino while checking the surf at Long, Cox, Rosie, and Chestermans beach. After checking Cox we hiked over to Rosie which turned the day into a lifestyle portrait shoot. The boys went for a short hard paddle at Rosie, then felt like hiking back to the Van. After checking chesties we decided to backtrack back to Cox to shoot off the rocks. The swell didnt cooperate with us, but Ryan managed to get a couple turns as did Noah. Overall it was a fun day of searching and got a bunch of stock lifestyles.

Long Beach

Wednesday Morning I picked up Noah to go for a surf to cure the night before. We were on our way to Ukee and stop off at longbeach. There was definitely a lot of power behind the swell when we first got out so I quickly grabbed my camera and was able to catch a sick backside air of Noah.

Sunset North Chestermans

Spent most of the day at Noah's with Rycam wasting time while waiting for the tide to cooperate. A couple of Tony's pizzas and Lucky's later we packed up the van and headed back to North. Once we go to the beach we were able to get some shots at golden hour. Rycam and Noah were warming each other up for the surf, rycam disappeared, hence the reason he got no shots. But Noah and Pete were in the right place at the right time.

North Chestermans

Got a call from Sepp early Tuesday morning to go and shoot along with Pete, Noah, Shannon and Rycam. Blue skys and good size swell, it was a pretty productive day. Shot for about half an hour before grabbng my board. Here a couple shots of Pete from the morning.

Friday, August 21, 2009

South Flo

Last Tuesday I met up with Ryan Cameron at his shop (swell surf rentals), played a heavy game of ping pong before heading out to south flo. Packed up all the suits boards and gear and trekked down the long stairs to paradise. once we got to the beach we hiked down and set up shop in front of the cliffs. Not much for swell but the blue skys, and blue buck beer couldnt be beat. Rycam managed to find a couple nuggets to get some shots.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer SBC Issue

The new Sbc hit your favorite surf shops yesterday. Lots of great stuff within it. Sheldon and myself got a small article on Craigs paddle out published. Also in the front a sequence was published from a surf trip I went on up island last winter. Go get your own copy!!!