Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pete's #1

From start to finish Pete killed it all week and today he took Jay Thomson in the Final to win the first Canadian 6 * star asp surf competition. CONGRATS PETE!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day #3

The day started with the two locals Sepp and Noah going against the top seed of the Wqs Adam Melling, Unfortunately Sepp and Noah we knocked out. The waves were small than day two with heavy winds still chopping up the water. The day carried on with more and more heavy's entering the water. The main attraction for local viewers was the one and only Pete Devries. He overcame Dusty Payne and two others to get first place advancing to the next heat. Tomorrow looks like Coxs bay starting out with the heavy hitter Shannon Brown. good luck mate!1
CHeck it

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Free surf

After the Contest was done for the day, all the surfers who you didn't see at the contest were at Flo. The word has gotten out and its been pretty consistent in the surf and in the parking lot. The inside north corner was pumping out some punchy left for the last two day and will be the place to go if the wind does not calm down. Even if you are not wanting to surf its pretty sick watching such high skill on waves locals check daily. Check the shots!!!!

CWC Day #2

The cold water classics day two was held at North Chestermans becuase of swell and wind directions. The waves were definitely smaller compared to the heavy storm swell day one had to offer. The Sun was out but the wind took any warmth away that it had to offer, but the compition was going early. The day went quick with a couple unfortunate results first round of heats was over.
Round two starting at 9 oclock with Noah and Sepp should be a good one


Sunday, October 25, 2009


Rain, wind, and big swell was the scene of the first day at Cox bay. The waves held up the entire day, and with the sideways rain and crowds of rain gear everything went great. Sepp, Pete, and Shannon all made it to the second heat. Day two will start off with finishing heat #1 and depending on waves heat #2 will start with the heavy's. Noah and Sepp are set to go up against each other and will be the start of good day.

Warm up

Days before the CWC started, all the beach's from Ucluelet to Tofino were seeing heeps of unfamiliar faces. The swell has been good with heavy winds, Caught Sam doing some turns at flo bay.

Monday, October 19, 2009

ColdWater Count Down

The Oneill cold water classic is hitting Cox bay in less that four days. With over 130 surfer competing in the week long event, the waters of the west coast are filling up. A little mid day session was held on Saturday, the locals were joined by Sam Lamiroy, who had a great first day in Canada. check the shots!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pete's Blog

Check Out peter's blog on the Hurley site.

Golden hours

Still next to no surf, peninsula locals Malcom, Rb, Geordie, Marie, Holly, Mark, and the list goes on, all came out to Wick to enjoy the sunset with a couple waves here and there. With rain and 13ft + swell on the horizon every ones collecting sun rays as much as possible.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Days off

With summer ending, we have all been relaxing with no stress of herds of tourist everywhere you look. Sheldon got his paddle wet and went for a stroll around the sketchy waters of the pacific. Managed to catch 7 fish and fed some wildlife, all in one day off.

No Waves

The last couple of days have seen very little swell on the peninsula, those who have found waves good stuff. After checking the surf in the morning, we waited till mid day to go check in person. After Flo and Wick resembled windy lakes we decided to go for a leisure canoe ride, followed by one of the best bowl sesh's of the summer. Lee and the gang were killing it till dark. With no change in the swell for a couple days to come we may see more skateboarding in the next couple of days.
check it


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

full moon


Early morning sunrise surf down in Rosie bay. Sepp and Shannon were up and working before sunrise, Large periods gave long waits, with a couple peelers every once in a while.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Sheldon, Shannon, Rycam, Mary, and myself had a little clobber night which quickly turned into a portrait night after a couple of drinks. It got a little Heavy