Monday, June 29, 2009

killing time

A couple days ago, Sheldon, Benson , and myself went for a surf around noon. Not checking the computer, the tide was low and blown out. We didnt feel like traveling to Cox or Chestermans so we had a Stop at one of the handy park walks called the shore pine bog. We drive by these park hikes daily but never go on them! Little did we know the shore pine bog is a damn fine little hike. We killed an hour and ended up scoring waves and lots of stoke from Benson. So the next time the waves are crap go for a gander and enjoy a little treat from mother nature.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Office

I finally got my New old VW on the Road. Its my new office for business and of coarse getting to the surf and back. There will be some great road trips soon to come.

Kyler Vos photography worldwide headquarters!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Majestic Eagle

Went for a hike out in Ittastoo bay, on the way back a came across an eagle flying close by, lucky I had my 70 - 200 mm out and caught a couple while it was flying by.


After our long day boating up and down the coast, we ended up shooting south Chestermans at golden hour. I was shooting on the rocks while Jeremy was on the beach with his 600mm. With a couple quality sets Pete managed to get his fins in the air a couple times. Once the sun set I ran up to the car and suited up with the flash housing while Jer shot off the rocks with a pocketwizard. We managed to get a couple shots, but learned with all the interference from the water housing, ocean, and distance the pocketwizards dont fire when I float to far away from the camera. Over all the day was a little bit of a let down with all the huge expectations from this south swell that has been hitting, but practice makes perfect!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Up Island

Hung over Sunday morning, packed my bags and headed to Tofino to meet up with Jeremy and Pete for a surf trip up island. With the Edge to Edge marathon in full swing the 45 minute drive from Ukee to tuff took close to an hour and a half. When I finally made it I met up with Jeremy and quickly packed everything into his boat and headed north for a remote break where we were planning to camping over night. After a good hour in the boat Sepp and Chris caught up on the ski with beer in hand. A good hour or so later we made it to the break, with a long period south swell the water was full of riders. Jeremy, Pete, and my self sat in Jer's boat for a good hour watching 8 riders fight for 3 sets an hour. We quickly decided we could be much more productive back at the beach breaks of chestermans. A bumpy ride back on the outer ocean route we made it back. With huge expectations of the large south swell hitting the day was not as productive as we wished but it was deffenetly a good practice day. With the small swell there was a couple good sets but Sepp and Chris managed to get a couple shots.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Virgin Falls

On your way out to the coast if you were to turn onto a logging road and drive about 2 hours into the woods you will see a very large water fall called Virgin Falls. We went for a little Saturday evening picnic. Malcolm daly and Seamus little felt like going for a swim in the icy cold water, and out of the blue Seamus felt like leaping himself off a large cliff beside the falls. It was a huge jump, with 10's across the board judges gave Seamus the gold medal of the Day.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mount Ozzard

A couple weeks back Matt light, Geordie Stewrt Evans and my self, went for a sunset hike up Mount Ozzard located just out of Ucluelet B.C. The hike is along a logging road and takes around 2 hours to hike to the large golf ball at the summit. Pictures above are some shots from the hazzy sunset.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Tofino on the Rocks

6:00 am wake up, packed my van with gear for the day, and met up with Jeremy ( in tofino to shoot some airs from on the rocks. Sepp arrived on the jet ski, followed by a truck full of riders. With the golden hour light it was a very productive day.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rip Curl St3w

Many Locals from the coast were scared the St3w would arrive to no swell with heaps of rain. Mother nature had a different idea, with no clouds in sight and small but rip-able waves, the competition was in full swing from early morning Saturday till late Sunday. Rip Curl and Monster had everything organized from the Rip Curl half pipe to the Monster tent pumping everyone with loads of energy.
Day one had no surprises besides the local Noah Cohen missing the finals with one wave ending bail.
The morning of day two was hung over for most, but the competition started nice and early at 9:00 am with the woman and mens pro division. The Mens Final Included Both Sepp and Raph Bruhwiler, Peter Devries, and Chris Michalak coming from the down under. All riders caught some little rippers, although Pete and Chris stole the show with loads of turns, cut backs, and a couple airs. After waiting all day watching the groms, stray dogs, and girls in bikinis, the judges had decided Pete Devries took it with airs in both of his two best Waves.
Overall the entire weekend was a great success, with appearances from surf legend Tom Curren , and huge support from locals and surf enthusiasts. It was a show for the up coming cold water classic coming this fall.
Small photo gallery has been attached above with more images on SBC -

Men's Pro
1. Peter Devries, $5000
2. Chris Michalak, $1500
3. Sepp Bruhwiler, $500
4. Raph Bruhwiler, $250

Women's Pro
1. Leah Oke, $1500
2. Dominga Bonnemaison, $500
3. Tamarah Stephens, $250
4. Steph Wightman, $100

1. Guto Cunha
2. Jens Kalwa
3. Anthony Redpath
4. Chris Barfoot

1. David Ferguson
2. Asia Dryden
3. Guto Cunha
4. Adam DeWolfe

Under 18
1. Janek Peladeau
2. Michael Darling
3. Kye Peladeau
4. Ryan Oke

Under 12
1. Kalum Temple
2. Jack Sanford
3. Bryn MacDonald
4. Jesse Clarkson

Monday, June 1, 2009

Paddle out for Craig Millar

On May 16 with support from Craig's Brother Todd and his fiance Kim, the Ukee crew paddled past the break in Florencia bay to form a circle of celebration for the one and only Craig Millar.

Craig Millar

Ucluelet and Tofino lost a dear friend this spring in Craig Millar. If you have been around the west coast in the past few years chances are he touched your life in one way or another. A soul that truly lived for the moment, made sure to live life to the absolute fullest.
Although calling Ucluelet home his presence extended to the far reaches of our beloved coastline. Having lived on the coast for just a few years, the west coast was in his blood, and his passion for exploring was unmatched.

One reminder how narrow a line we all walk

Craig Millar – truly a heart of gold -

Words by Sheldon Vos