Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Up Island

Hung over Sunday morning, packed my bags and headed to Tofino to meet up with Jeremy and Pete for a surf trip up island. With the Edge to Edge marathon in full swing the 45 minute drive from Ukee to tuff took close to an hour and a half. When I finally made it I met up with Jeremy and quickly packed everything into his boat and headed north for a remote break where we were planning to camping over night. After a good hour in the boat Sepp and Chris caught up on the ski with beer in hand. A good hour or so later we made it to the break, with a long period south swell the water was full of riders. Jeremy, Pete, and my self sat in Jer's boat for a good hour watching 8 riders fight for 3 sets an hour. We quickly decided we could be much more productive back at the beach breaks of chestermans. A bumpy ride back on the outer ocean route we made it back. With huge expectations of the large south swell hitting the day was not as productive as we wished but it was deffenetly a good practice day. With the small swell there was a couple good sets but Sepp and Chris managed to get a couple shots.

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