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Christmas has came and gone Adrien, Noah and myself were camping in the Catlins on the south island of New Zealand. With little guidance we managed to find some back doors and over head pits, it was small on most beaches until we found this gem of a bay with peaks as far as the eye could see. Adrien was frothing to find some left hand barrels being goofy and all, as Noah split the peak going right being spit out time and time again. Stoked and satisfied with the christmas eve sesh, we celebrated with tui's, spietz, hagoon, export, and some champagne to end the glorious day before santa would arrive. The morning hangover was glorious the say the least, by this time our food and water source was slim to none. Repacked the camp and drove back to the little wedge that brought so much joy to the boys faces. It was on a farmers land but we found a little mountain and some sheep to hide the tent behind, from the camp we had a clear view of what the swell was giving the beachy. After a couple rounds of dice we lathered up, jumped into our suits and hiked down for a christmas miracle. The boys jumped in the water as I was on the rock prepping my gear before jumping into the kelp to find my way to the waves. As i got everything together I looked across the bay to see the best xmas present ever, over head thick blue wedge stand up and spit right across bay. Quickly I call the boys in and franticly run across the beach to watch two more rights explode onto the shallow beach. Noah pulled into the first wave to get one of his better barrels of the entire trip. Unfortunately Ace was pummelled on his first way and broke his favourite board ending his surf for the day. Noah lined up wave after wave screaming with excitement after getting spat out of each wave. It was amazing he would land the drop and the wave would do the rest, I was shooting long lens which placed me in perfect distance for him to get shacked and high five at the end. It was amazing by far the best waves I have seen since we got to Nz and not to mention it was on xmas. The tide switched as did the wave, we swam to the middle peak to get some lefts, before returning to camp to make yet another avo, cheese, salami, sanga. No gifts to unwrap up but the day definitely summed up one of the best christmas's ever.
We are back in Dunedin at the moment its rainy, and we are on our way to christchurch to later fly out to the goldy on the following day. I know we keep saying check back for updates and day after day we dont post any shots, but now that the NZ article will be finished hopefully we can provide your eyes with some Australia gold.

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naked and famous

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Innersection home page

psyching my shot got on the home page of innersection to bad it was copied and pasted with no watermark.



eviction day 2010.

zesty landlady stares bold
i feel as child just been told
move on down the line little one
its eviction day 2001.....10
sad sad boys boys catlins hunting only one

Poetry by Adrien Mullen

check back daily


Reids Creation...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Zealand

Sunshine, sheep, sealions, summiting mountains, Stien lager, sleeping under the stars, sharks, waves, road trips, friendly locals, mandatory road shotguns, pies, and thats just the first day. Its been almost two weeks of searching the south island of New Zealand for waves, havent scored anything special but have had lots of adventures and some super fun beach breaks. The Sitka crew stayed at the surfing doctors house Rod Rust, it was amazing to say the least, organic everything no meat, and all the surfing history of dunedin all in one place. Reid had a trip to the hospital and Leah was joined by a new sitka family member by the name of Nicola to keep the girl power going. The weather is semi warm with a couple blue bird days but for the most part its been pretty amazing meeting locals that are so stoked were here that they give us wine and breakfast. Now that Leah and Reid have caught the long plane ride home Noah and myself will be heading around with Adrien Mullen, untill we part our ways up to Aus.

Check back soon

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Churr Churr

It seems that ever trip begins with a visit to the never disappointing city of Victoria. Eating delicious food, meeting with old pals and drinking 12 % beer! Its amazing so many girls so many options for everything under the sun. But it has to end some where thanks to Wade for the ride to the ferry with seconds to spare. On ward to Vancouver we boarded the ferry getting blessed by Carlos a religious Chilean that preached to us about surfing the universe and going to heaven. He wanted to tell us that jesus told him to talk to us as he was walking by, so we went along and had a nice little convo covering the ways of heaven and where we are sitting in the universe. Very odd fellow but we are all a little crazy in some way. Run a couple errands walk and around the city and by tomorrow this time we will be on the plane New Zealand bound to meet up with radical Ried and the rest of the gan in Dunedin


Sunday, November 28, 2010


Sunrise from the sound.

Packing Sucks

Camera gear check, computer gear check, wet suits check, clothes check, toothbrush check, plane ticket check, as I write the 10th check list towards being completely packed and ready to Jet South. The days pass as the departure date creeps up and the last two weeks of packing my life away comes to a hault. Looking out side the temperature below zero, with a layer of snow covering the ground its hard to think of being anywhere hot as winter is just beginning. The next 3 days will include heeps of goodbyes and travel time, ferry's, bus's, and any free rides you can manage to accumulate to get to the air port. When arriving to the airport, everyone is always excited for new adventure, but on most surf trips you are bracing yourself to see how much the plane is going to ding you for your over loaded board bags and equipment. After you squeeze everything into the proper places you make it through customs and all your worry's go away. No worries that is if you enjoy 15 hours on a plane! Being Tall has its ups and downs, for the most part its nice being able to reach things, and dunk when shooting hoops with your homies but when it come to airplanes it sucks. Crammed in the middle with your knees touching the seat in front of you before you even sit your ass down, the annoying business man trying to recline his seat in front of you, as the twin babies start crying in the seats next to you. lets just say my last flight was no 1st class ride. When all is said and done the free beer and movies will put you asleep until you have reached your destination. Its that time of year in Canda when the cold water seeps through your 6mm suit as snow starts to fall half way through your session, Its time to head south.

Look back for updates along the gypsy journey to New Zealand.

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Shelter hosted the innersection World Premier. If you have not seen the movie, get ready to have your mind blown.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cypher film challenge

Check out the Quicksilver Cypher film challenge ( ). Vote for Raph Nico and Jeremy.

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Kelly Slater #10

Shout outs to the god.


While surfing long beach yesterday morning Kye, Rycam, and, myself were sitting in clear over head waves with blue skys and sun shining. Besides the wettys and boots it felt like we were in some tropical paradise. As we were all paddling back to avoid getting slammed by the hell double up set, a full on pelican soared past as if we were on a vaca in somewhere far from Tofino. I know they live in lower Washington but never thought to see one up in Canada. I don't know if its global warming or just a lost soldier, all I know is we were psyching to see the little guy fly past.

image from friends at Google.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Search continues

Couple of B shots from a new little shore pound slab we shot last week. Pete, Noah, and Kye were pulling in to some hefty drainers, followed by some cartwheel smashing s. cant wait for the swell to return for a reshoot.

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Sunny day Cox bay

Cox bay corner peak on a decent off shore head high day. I was filming for the better part of the day, after a couple hours I had the itching to shoot a couple exposures.

The Tail end of a solid swell

With swell heights up to reading of 9 m the sound had some waves deep in the bay. Some early morning shots off the beaten trail.