Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Zealand

Sunshine, sheep, sealions, summiting mountains, Stien lager, sleeping under the stars, sharks, waves, road trips, friendly locals, mandatory road shotguns, pies, and thats just the first day. Its been almost two weeks of searching the south island of New Zealand for waves, havent scored anything special but have had lots of adventures and some super fun beach breaks. The Sitka crew stayed at the surfing doctors house Rod Rust, it was amazing to say the least, organic everything no meat, and all the surfing history of dunedin all in one place. Reid had a trip to the hospital and Leah was joined by a new sitka family member by the name of Nicola to keep the girl power going. The weather is semi warm with a couple blue bird days but for the most part its been pretty amazing meeting locals that are so stoked were here that they give us wine and breakfast. Now that Leah and Reid have caught the long plane ride home Noah and myself will be heading around with Adrien Mullen, untill we part our ways up to Aus.

Check back soon

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