Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Churr Churr

It seems that ever trip begins with a visit to the never disappointing city of Victoria. Eating delicious food, meeting with old pals and drinking 12 % beer! Its amazing so many girls so many options for everything under the sun. But it has to end some where thanks to Wade for the ride to the ferry with seconds to spare. On ward to Vancouver we boarded the ferry getting blessed by Carlos a religious Chilean that preached to us about surfing the universe and going to heaven. He wanted to tell us that jesus told him to talk to us as he was walking by, so we went along and had a nice little convo covering the ways of heaven and where we are sitting in the universe. Very odd fellow but we are all a little crazy in some way. Run a couple errands walk and around the city and by tomorrow this time we will be on the plane New Zealand bound to meet up with radical Ried and the rest of the gan in Dunedin


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