Sunday, November 28, 2010

Packing Sucks

Camera gear check, computer gear check, wet suits check, clothes check, toothbrush check, plane ticket check, as I write the 10th check list towards being completely packed and ready to Jet South. The days pass as the departure date creeps up and the last two weeks of packing my life away comes to a hault. Looking out side the temperature below zero, with a layer of snow covering the ground its hard to think of being anywhere hot as winter is just beginning. The next 3 days will include heeps of goodbyes and travel time, ferry's, bus's, and any free rides you can manage to accumulate to get to the air port. When arriving to the airport, everyone is always excited for new adventure, but on most surf trips you are bracing yourself to see how much the plane is going to ding you for your over loaded board bags and equipment. After you squeeze everything into the proper places you make it through customs and all your worry's go away. No worries that is if you enjoy 15 hours on a plane! Being Tall has its ups and downs, for the most part its nice being able to reach things, and dunk when shooting hoops with your homies but when it come to airplanes it sucks. Crammed in the middle with your knees touching the seat in front of you before you even sit your ass down, the annoying business man trying to recline his seat in front of you, as the twin babies start crying in the seats next to you. lets just say my last flight was no 1st class ride. When all is said and done the free beer and movies will put you asleep until you have reached your destination. Its that time of year in Canda when the cold water seeps through your 6mm suit as snow starts to fall half way through your session, Its time to head south.

Look back for updates along the gypsy journey to New Zealand.

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