Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rip Curl St3w

Many Locals from the coast were scared the St3w would arrive to no swell with heaps of rain. Mother nature had a different idea, with no clouds in sight and small but rip-able waves, the competition was in full swing from early morning Saturday till late Sunday. Rip Curl and Monster had everything organized from the Rip Curl half pipe to the Monster tent pumping everyone with loads of energy.
Day one had no surprises besides the local Noah Cohen missing the finals with one wave ending bail.
The morning of day two was hung over for most, but the competition started nice and early at 9:00 am with the woman and mens pro division. The Mens Final Included Both Sepp and Raph Bruhwiler, Peter Devries, and Chris Michalak coming from the down under. All riders caught some little rippers, although Pete and Chris stole the show with loads of turns, cut backs, and a couple airs. After waiting all day watching the groms, stray dogs, and girls in bikinis, the judges had decided Pete Devries took it with airs in both of his two best Waves.
Overall the entire weekend was a great success, with appearances from surf legend Tom Curren , and huge support from locals and surf enthusiasts. It was a show for the up coming cold water classic coming this fall.
Small photo gallery has been attached above with more images on SBC - http://www.sbcsurf.com

Men's Pro
1. Peter Devries, $5000
2. Chris Michalak, $1500
3. Sepp Bruhwiler, $500
4. Raph Bruhwiler, $250

Women's Pro
1. Leah Oke, $1500
2. Dominga Bonnemaison, $500
3. Tamarah Stephens, $250
4. Steph Wightman, $100

1. Guto Cunha
2. Jens Kalwa
3. Anthony Redpath
4. Chris Barfoot

1. David Ferguson
2. Asia Dryden
3. Guto Cunha
4. Adam DeWolfe

Under 18
1. Janek Peladeau
2. Michael Darling
3. Kye Peladeau
4. Ryan Oke

Under 12
1. Kalum Temple
2. Jack Sanford
3. Bryn MacDonald
4. Jesse Clarkson

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