Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Waiting on the weather

With the quick changing weather on the west coast, you can find yourself in some heavy situations on a daily basis. On the way back from the city towards home base we encountered a heavy blizzard heading up to the pass, with a blink of the eye our friends car behind us slipped into the ditch. After trying our best to push the situation out of the way Emily's car slipped further into the ditch. We ended up calling a tow truck and staying at the Vos residence. The next morning we were stuffed with pancakes and all the fixing you could dream of.we then started the journey through the snow and back to home base. Upon arrival the Jackson brothers pull up on their way down the sound; The swell was macing and the wind was blowing pretty heavy on shore with signs of switching to off shore. We Quickly grabbed some greens and grub and headed back down the ole dusty road. Once we paid our dues and passed the gate we snuck into a friends hut and set up shop while watching the wind changed its direction. After a couple beers and two hours of watching waves the wind do its thing, the waves started to clean up and pump.
Once we put on our suits by the fire, we scattered over the rocks and into some of the heaviest waves I have ever encountered. The current swept us far down the beach and once we got out passed the break we were in it for good. Aaron had a couple triple over head sets on the head, while Reid was eying up some macing barrels at the box. After getting smash over and over again both Aaron and Reid grab some inside breaks near the point. When all was said and done the after work crowds fled in the water as we were on our way out. In the end the boys got some waves and managed to get heeps of shots. When you look at the waves on your computer screen, it doesn't give any justice to how huge the swell was when swimming in, under, or on the waves but after all said and done it was worth the effort.

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