Thursday, July 29, 2010

crashing hard

For the last two months Tofino has seen thousands apon thousands of tourist from all edges of the globe. With the small summer waves packed beaches and all the clown stand up paddlers cox bay can handle, I have been slacking on updating the blog. A week after returning from the paradise of indo i looked through my shots once or twice sent them to jer, then backed them up just in case my hard drive would crap out on me. For the sencond time with my mac i woke up one suday morning to hear the clicking sound of death. With in a days time it wasn't able to even start up. With in the next week I will be getting the updates rolling for all to be entertained on those hung over mornings.


1 comment:

  1. If the Stand Up guy uses the same etiquette as the rest of us and is out having a good time and not hogging waves, then the only "clown" is the close minded person who rushes to judgement. Maybe the embrace and educate approach would be better than the ridicule and irritate approach. I find it embarrassing that people like you enjoy calling down people you don't even know. I have a lot more respect for the guy who goes out, minds his own business a has a good time no matter what he's riding than the person who sits out there on their board and complains about the person doing something different. At least that person has a mind of their own and isn't just recycling the negativity of someone else. I'm sure you'll be riding a white board in a black wetsuit until someone tells you it's "cool" to do other wise.
    Enjoy the path others have told you go down.